Ibrahim Sowunmi
Ibrahim Sowunmi

I'm currently a Solution Engineer based in Dublin.

Prior to that I completed a BSc in Computer Science with Human-computer Interaction @ The University of Manchester

What’s the point of this site?

I started this to create a bit of a digital presence (No socials bar Linkedin). I’ve been meaning to write about random things for a while, and I got tired of my ideas/thoughts stacking up in my brain and gradually fading into nothing.
Also, writing is just a good skill to have! I don't write much as I've been on the STEM fast track, and during Uni all the writing I did felt like typing with my toes. This site is an attempt to develop that part of my brain a bit (not the toe typing part).

About me

I enjoy travelling, keeping fit ( Boxing, Running, Calisthenics, Gym ), philosophizing, learning and thinking about things like geopolitics, finance, crypto, urban/environmental sustainability, digital art, photography, software engineering, neuroscience, economics, technology, etc. When I'm not doing something related to those, I'm likely working on my own projects or going through my reading list.

A JAMstack site built by me via Hugo, TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, Netlify, Route53... very much a WIP.