Ibrahim Sowunmi
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Architects in the Salesforce ecosystem

An Architect. It’s an intimidating title. Salesforce architect just adds another level of abstraction. So let’s break it down and place some descriptions around what a Salesforce Architect actually looks like. If you’re on this post you are likely familiar with the Salesforce Architect Pyramid. If you’re new to the architect role read my previous post on architects. Let’s begin to piece all these bits together. What is a Salesforce Architect?
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Introduction to Architects

I’m learning as I’m going. I’ve recently decided, because it sounds senior and cool, to become an architect. It feels like the natural next step. There will be more responsibility/agency and a somewhat welcomed transition to a more “stable” role. I’ll be going over what an architect is. The functions of an architect and the division of that role in a more “traditional” ecosystem. I will also briefly cover the typical architect titles.
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Salesforce Forecasting Explained

I wanted to take some time to go over standard salesforce forecasting at a high level. Forecasts are arguable the most intimidating feature to a newbie in sales cloud as the concept is very foreign. Personally, I’ve found it’s because it throws a bunch of new terminology at you whilst expecting you to understand how it works. Unless you are a sales executive or a quota’d rep, you have likely never come across it before.
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Simply Conceptualising CRM

The priviliege and curse of joining Salesforce as a fresh faced grad is joining Salesforce whilst having no clue what a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is and why it would be needed. I’ll be providing an analogy explaining what salesforce is. This is how I conceptualise salesforce. It’s easier than wracking your head for a dictionary definition of a CRM. Hub and Spoke Think of salesforce as a hub and spoke.
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Getting better at writing

I want to get better at writing. Like any process, you want to get better at there are two golden rules (not weighted equally). Research, and then actually doing it. I guess I’m doing it.
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Moving domain to Netlify from AWS Route 53

I had a website hosted on AWS. I built a <weird-domain-name>.netlify.app. I wanted to connect my stuff over. Reconfigure the DNS. It was quite simple but I’m assuming people are like me and look at blogs sometimes before docs. This guide is assuming you had a previous, functioning, www domain and apex domain setup. Summary Create an A name record in AWS Create a CNAME record in AWS Create a NS record in AWS Change your DNS Change Name servers in Registered Domains Verify SSL in Netlify Prerequisites:
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A Hugo and TailwindCSS3 boilerplate

After starting a Hugo and TailwindCSS project. I got stuck super regularly. A well-placed blog page could have alleviated a lot of my pain. When working with Tailwind and Hugo my config setups never worked. I am pretty sure I know what went wrong, and it tended to be some pretty simplistic mistakes. There are Tailwindcss3/Hugo repos out there, that let you sidestep these initial teething problems. Here’s a link to the one I used
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The Power of Twitter and why you should use it

I don’t like social media. Never been a fan of it. Don’t think I ever will be. Even when I’m enjoying myself I hate how addictive and non-value additive it is. That statement is true in 9/10 cases but for a micropreneur1, it’s extremely useful. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m in a transitory period of my life. I’m trying new stuff. Something I’ve noticed whilst looking around for the next big thing is network is important.
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Thing I intend to accomplish - FY22

A list of things I will be focusing on in the upcoming year. I usually send these to myself 1 year ahead with the futureme email service. At the end of most years I receive an email from my past self holding my current self accountable. This is essentially that, but in public.
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The CV guide I wish I had

Imagine this. You’re 18. You have no experience and what feels like no skills. You’re flung into an environment ­­where, unbeknownst to many people, you’re building the foundation for the rest of your life. Well what do you do? This dude says get some experience... That dude said build a CV... That other other dude said leverage your network? The f*** does that even mean? It is confusing. Fortunately, you’ve got a lot of time to think and a good head on your shoulders.
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What is a Solution Engineer?

I remember when I received the referral for this role. Final year of my undergraduate and shooting out applications like a gunslinger in a spaghetti western. Solution Engineer (SE). Yeah, it’s got engineer in the title, let’s go. First misconception. This is not an engineering role, this is a sales role. One with a technical skew, but this is not traditional engineering. You are primary in sales. You are a Solution Engineer.
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You are what you consume

I never thought of myself as a social media addict, but COVID shook that belief a little. Suddenly, cooped up at home for months, “real life time” with friends was replaced with virtual time on Twitter, Youtube (The comments😭), Reddit, etc. As time went on, I became more aware of the insidiousness of what was happening to me. By spending all day scrolling, swiping, commenting, I was becoming what I consume, what I was paying attention to.
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My first foray into SEO

I have a problem. After building this website I wanted it to be googleable. I want someone to be able type my name and that very first link to be my personal site. As it currently stands, I don’t even come up in the first 10 links and my link actually comes up on the second bloody page! (95% of traffic is on the first page). Google has a very intelligent algorithm (googlebot) that trawls and indexes the whole of the light web (the part of the web accessible by google without authentication)!
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Financial literacy by an illiterate

Disclaimer: Genuinely wrapping your head around this stuff is a pretty high energy pursuit. I have a rough idea. TL;DR: Read this There are three types of investing. Value/fundamental investing ( seeing where something is under or overvalued. Then we either short it (betting it will go down) or longing/call it (betting it will go up). Technical investing/forex etc (babypips.com is a good shout ) this is the fancy charts you think of when you think stocks.
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I’ve decided to start blogging, kind of. I intially wrote this during my final year of university. As of today 2022-1-11, I’m rebuilding this site. It started out with the intention of being a blog/CV and now it’s a hobby project. Continue reading for a throwback to my original thought process. A year later and it already makes me cringe slightly despite there being little to no change in me. :/